Keratoconus Contact Lenses

The word keratoconus (ker-a-to-ko-nus) is from two Greek words: kerato, meaning cornea, and konos, meaning cone. Keratoconus is a coning or thinning disorder of the cornea.

The corneal is normally a round shape, keratoconus distorts the cornea and a cone like bulge develops. When this happens it can impair vision, after a certain point, glasses will not help with. Specially designed gas-permeable contact lenses are the proffered choice to help patients see clearly with keratoconus.

Our contact lens specialist, Richard Ackman, has over 30 years of keratoconus contact lens experience. He will be able to fit you with the most comfortable lenses possible in order for you to see as well as you possibly can.


A good resource of keratoconus information is at the National Keratoconus Foundation.